Coupe Fiat Art Available on Rarible

“This sketch is my first NFT and it’s minted for a good cause, the Humanity First Ukraine Emergency Relief Fund. They will receive 100% of the proceeds from the auction and all future royalties. It’s the Coupé Fiat, the last car whose exterior I personally penned every line of.

The sketch is done the old-school way in with paint markers on my favourite paper: the placemats from the local cafè. It might not be a perfect rendition of the Coupé, but it’s exactly how it exists in my mind.”

-Chris Bangle

Chris Sig

To Participate:

1. Create an Ethereum wallet. We recommend MetaMask.

2. Add Ethereum to your new wallet (make sure to include extra for gas fees) – You can buy Ethereum directly through MetaMask, or by using an exchange like Coinbase and transfering the Ethereum to your MetaMask wallet.

3. Convert your $ETH to $WETH , a wrapped form of Ethereum required for NFT auctions.

4. Visit Rarible to place a bid.